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Foam Board

a pile of insulation foam board

When you are looking for a new kind of insulation for your home, you no doubt want to find something that offers you the very best. You need something that is going to help you to protect against outdoor temperatures and you want to know that it is going to be useful in keeping your energy bills low. However, you might not have considered that some insulative materials can do even more for you and potentially bring you the greatest benefit. But if you were to opt for foam board insulation, that is just what you would get. Offering a host of benefits for you to enjoy, foam board insulation is one of the best additions that you could make to your home. And, if you are looking to introduce it for the very first time, our team would be glad to do it for you. So, give us a call, at Grove Insulation, and find out more about our great foam board products, today.

What is Foam Board Insulation?
Made out of the same materials as the majority of spray foam insulation on the market today, foam board is a more rigid and structured kind of insulation. It offers the same great benefits as regular spray foam, as well as a few more unique ones which many people are keen to take advantage of. Most commonly, you are going to find options in both polyisocyanurate and extruded polystyrene, both of which have various benefits unto themselves.

Benefits of Foam Board Insulation
And, those same benefits come in a long list which you could be taking advantage of yourself for making the addition of foam board to your home, today. Foam board insulation delivers some of the highest R-values that you can find in modern insulation, with certain kinds ranging as high as 8.0. Moreover, they are much stronger and more durable than standard sprayed foam and can even help to reinforce a surface with additional structural support.

New Installation
So, if foam board sounds like the kind of insulation that you have been looking for, for your home, you can trust us to deliver it to you. We make use of some of the highest quality foam board that can be found in the region and that enables us to create the most effective insulations. Be it in your attic or in your garage, you’ll always get a high class fitting from us and one, which is guaranteed to last many years. All you need to do is let us know what parts of your home you need protecting and we can take care of the rest.

Affordable Prices
Our team believes in bringing the very best insulation to our clients for the lowest prices possible. We want to ensure that all of our clients can do more for their homes, no matter their budget. That is why we are proud to say that we can offer some of the most affordable prices around for our high-quality foam board insulation.

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